Meijin Budoshop terms

1.0. Supplier
1.1. Supplier or seller of the goods is Meijin Budoshop, Linnankatu 61, 20100 Turku, Finland tel. +358400270853, e-mail info(at)meijin(dot)fi, FI15150327

2.0. Customer
2.1. Customer is client, who made on order via phone, verbal in Meijin Budoshop store, booth or via Meijin Budoshop internet shop.
2.2. Customer is 18 years old or has adult license to purchase. Meijin Budoshop takes received money as quarantee of adult license and supervision.
2.3. Customer data register: we handle and give your contact details to delivery companies while delivering your order. We will use your size information for making sure that you will get the best size available of your ordered products. We will keep your data in our Turku store, from where you can make any inquiries concerning your data. We will not give any of your data to any outside or third party, unless your order delivery information is requiring so. We might include your name and size info to our orders from factory according to the manufacturing processies. We will not give your contact details to any manufacturer. We will keep your data in our register for maximum of 10 years after the last register check according to your latest order. All handling, storing collecting, and deleting is based on the handling situation and current obligations of laws, contract, your approval and/or legal rights. We will store your data of the invoice according to the current laws of book keeping. Any inquiries of your personal data or handling the data e.g. your personal data check, we serve via e-mail or Turku store. Any inquiries can be delivered to: info(at)meijin(dot)fi [with heading Personal Register] or by visiting Meijin Budoshop, Linnankatu 61, 20100 Turku, Finland. Data register holder is Jari Lampinen.

3.0. Delivery methods and transportation
3.1. The delivery will be made by the customers choice, contract or phone made request. In case of no delivery method Meijin Budoshop will make the delivery with the most economical way. Delivery method can be changed only by permission of Meijin Budoshop.
3.2. Customer is responsible of all delivery charges and extra charges of transportation. Meijin Budoshop is not responsible of custom, tax or any other extra fees.
3.3. Meijin Budoshop will take insurancy to all goods on transportation and will refund all damaged goods during transportation. Meijin Budoshop will not refund any other costs or charges, like delay, to customer or to third party costs charges or any other extra charges. The Meijin Budoshop proforma invoice grand total is maximum refund value for the goods.
3.4. While ordering from our webshop the customer can choose noninsuranced delivery. In the case the supplier is not responsible of any charges during transporation or damage of the goods.
3.5. The customer has to inform the transportation company of any broken or damaged parcels while signing the goods.
3.6. The customer is responsible of checking the goods and notifying supplier of any damage or manufacturing faulties within 14 working days of recieving the goods.

4.0. Return policy
4.1. The customer has normal consumer 14 days returning posibility of the goods in Finland. This does not ably if the goods are from categories 4.2. or 4.3. These products are : example bogus and bogu parts, hygienia products, printed, engraved, embroidered goods. Return does not ably for used or maintained(service made) products.
4.2. The contract ablies to the products, which is manufactured or changed by the wish of consumer so, that it is not possible to sell the product without reasonable lost or sell it at all: bogus and bogu parts, ordered products with required measures, product to be ordered with delivery time, customer embroidered, engraved or printed products, books, videos/dvds.
4.3. The contract ablies to the products, which is not able to return for reselling cause of its nature or is ruined quickly or got old: hygienia products - sandals or tabis (usually wearer bare feet) - , and wringled hakamas by customers, books, videos/dvds.
4.4. The return policy ablies also to 4.2. and 4.3. goods, it they are damaged during transportation. And returning must be agreed with Meijin Budoshop. Does not ably if consumer has own insurancy delivery method.
4.5. Meijin Budoshop will place ban to its services to the customer, who will return product without proper reason. This way Meijin Budoshop can give better and economical service to other customers.
4.6. There is no returning policy for products of sale or offer with limited amount (only small amount of products), outlet products (product/model will discontinue), campaign products (limited edition without posibility to remarket) or products with no normal quality (e.g.2nd class). On product information (no refund/replace) text attached. Product with normal discount can be returned/replaced.
4.7. Meijin Budoshop does not hold responsibility for customer's errors of measuring and Meijin Budoshop presumes that customer is wear of the measuring methods on this field. Due the measuring mistakes made returnings or goods size changes are fully on customers responsibility and customer is in charge of any payments due the returning of the goods. On product information 'special measuring required'.
4.8. The goods must be returned by the instruction of Meijin Budoshop and customer has to get agreement from Meijin Budoshop for returning the goods always because of the multishape of the goods. Meijin Budoshop does not receive any products without returning contract.
4.9. Meijin Budoshop will refund money after it has checked the returned goods condition is usable for selling in internet.

5.0. Cancelling
5.1. The customer has right to cancel the order unless the products are from categories 4.2. or 4.3.
5.2. The supplier will take the action of not collecting the goods with terms of transportation company as a sign of cancelling the order.
5.3. The supplier has right to make invoice of all charges due to the cancelling of order or sell all products with market price and refund the customer with sum of proforma invoice deducted with charges.
5.4. The supplier will place ban to the customer to all suppliers services, if the customer make the cancellation without any reasonable reason. This way Meijin Budoshop can give better and economical service to other customers.
5.5. The right of cancelling the order does not ably to sale or offers in store.
5.6. Order cancelled before making the payment will place a ban and it can be removed with small office charge. Check the charge on our webshop. (8,00 EUR)

6.0. Order confirmation and terms
6.1. The supplier take the received payment as confirmation of the order.
6.2. The terms are able to be red on our webshop, store or booth.
6.3. The supplier takes the order as an acceptance of terms by customer.
6.4. Order confirmation will be sent by e-mail in form of proforma invoice or by cellular text message with payment details by supplier after handling the order and checking the product stock count. Stock count is available after reserving the goods for the order, but the goods might have been sold in e.g. store mean while. If the product is not available or if there is long manufacturing time differs from internet shop, the supplier will inform this by e-mail before the order is handled finally.

7.0. Delivery time
7.1. The goods will be shipped or manufactured only after receiving the payment to the supplier.
7.2. The goods will be shipped by agreement. The shipping is places several times during working week (see more from our webshop) or within 5 working days of the receive of the goods from manufacturers.
7.3. The manufacturing and transportation to the supplier might take 7 - 120 days, due the origin of the goods and transportation.
7.4. The supplier is not obligated to inform any delivery time. The customer has to ask for delivery time while placing an order or read the delivery time from webshop product information.
7.5. Any printing, encraving, embroidery or other changes will increase the delivery time with 7-30 days extra over the receiving the good from manufacturers.
7.6. The supplier has right to make the delivery faster than agreed if able.

8.0. Webshop
8.1. Webshop or webpages is meaning of the words of our internet sight
8.2. The information on our webshop is only informative to our customers, from our services and products. Any of the information is not juridic, medical or business advice. Our company is trying its best of making all the information updated and accurate, but we do not take any responsibility of applying these informations to the needs of customer, any action due based on information, any accuracy of the information. Our company and manufacturers or resellers are not responsible for each other or outsiders for any damage or damage due actions, which might be caused based on our webshop service or the use of service.

9.0. Card and foreign payments
9.1. There is a 3% office fee for over 200€ card payments in our stores, booths and camps where you can make the payment with bank, debet or credit cards. The 3% charge will be added to the total amount of the payment.
9.2. There is a 4% office fee for all card payments in our online store if there is posibility to make the payment with bank, debet or credit cards. The 4% charge will be added to the total amount of the invoice.
9.3. There is atleast 4% or actual costs of fees office fee for all foreign payments (like PayPal) in our online store which are not our economical EU proforma invoices and not paid thru e-banking. The extra charge will be added to the total amount of the invoice.

10.0. Law
10.1. Any law based issues will be handled in court of city of Turku with laws of Finland.

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