Ken jutsu ryuha



Meijin Budoshop recomends light weight white uniform, e.g. katana-jacket or Go-jacket. White budo trousers. Full katana-uniform includes pants, katana-jacket and sword belt(65mm/375cm). Summer use Meijin Budoshop recomends Yon-jacket.Alternatively you can use Roku-uniform, which is great for all ju-jitsu. Roku-uniform is 100 cotton and shronkage is 4% - dryer use might shrink the uniform upto 7%.
White belt is used until 5.kyu (belt level on student level are 6. kyu-sha/white, 5. kyu-sha/yellow, 4.kyu-sha/orange 3.kyu-sha/green, 1-kyu-sha/brown.Usable belt must be atleast 65mm broad like sword belts white, yellow and orange to hold the sword/scabbard firmly on side. Or 85mm broad kakuobi (main color/decoration color) white/black, yellow/white, orange/white, green/white or brown/white.
wooden weapons
Bokken for adults is usually 102cm and shorter for junior. In Koden Enshin Ryu you can use the original 29cm handle bokken with shorter blade, kenmune model is best for this ryuha(school). Meijin Budshop japanese hand made bokken is suitable for many years use - please inform to Jari if you practise Koden Enshin Ryu so he can choose the best and correct bokken for you. Meijin Budoshop white and red oak wooden weapons are durable. Meijin Budoshop wooden weapns do not need any oil or sanding. Wooden weapon do not bend in use.
weapon bag
You are not allowed to carry wooden weapons on street so you need a weapon bags (there is several option for different lengths of bokken. The bag also covers the wooden weapon.
sword - iaito
For sword Meijin Budoshop recomends all models from our japanese models. Light weight iaito is availabe in Higo, Hamon and Ikken models (ladies, juniors and older members). For longer hands and people we recomend Doutanuki which you can find from 2.5shaku up to 2.8shaku. Special order can be made to Japan with different parts, length and handle length.

Master level uniform is black; hakama, jacket and belt.
Black jacket is iaido jacket or for Summer use you can get polyester Yon-jacket in black color too.
Black Go-hakama (semi long laces - not for people with belly) or very durable Hakama Aikikai black (extra long laces, soft koshi-ita[hard back supporter in hakama]).If your hakama has a spoon under the back plate, we recomend to remove it because with the spoon hakama wear must be firm and correct and the spoon wont damage your back joints.
nihonto - sharp sword
You can aquire Nihon-to from Meijin Budoshop - starting from 4000€. Budget, length etc is send to Japan and they will present different options for the real sword. New black smiths swords available starting from 9000€.
HOKUTORYU/KODEN ENSHIN RYU - training equipments

Strength and motion practise
Suburi bokken is used for more srtength and better swing. Kiri bokuto, extra ligth weight 150g, is used for swing practise and if you have any muscle trauma etc on shouder area.
soft weapons
Soft weapons are excellent for contact practise.

representative uniform
You should get new uniform for special camps, shows and later exams for proper outlook - you will show better that you respect the school.
labels and names
Hakama, uniform and belts can be embroidered with your name. Meijin Budoshop can make separate name labels or directly to most of the belts and clothes. If you do not now how your name is spelled with japanese Katakana you can turn to Jari who can hepl you to write your name and the help is included to all embroideries.