Lay the hakama on the floor.
Check that the Himos(laces) are on same level.
Check that the pleats(foldings) are equally width from top to bottom.

Fold the sides in.

You can press with your hand for easy folding places.

Start folding from bottom to up in equal squares - usually 2 times but long hakamas might need 3 times and short only one fold.

Press after each fold the hakama to a nice even surface.

Fold the left long lace diaconaly in two layers.

Fold it once more so it will come 4 layers and do same for right long lace.

After 4 layers in each lace you should have nice cross.

Take the short left lace and turn it over the cross in middle.

Turn it under the cross in center up.

Turn it over it own side in middle of cross and under the cross back to up center. And turn it over the cross down right.

Now same to right short lace. First down over the cross in center line.

Under the cross center line up.

It's own side middle out.

Under the cross center up.

Turn the end of right short lace to the left loop. Check the right side if needed for guidance.

If the ends are hanging down too long you can fold them in 2 layers and tuck under the loops.